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School Organizational Team

What is a School Organization Team?

As prescribed in the law, each school creates a team of parents, teachers, support staff, students, and/or community members to assist and advise with many important decisions impacting the school. This team is called the School Organization Team (SOT). The SOT is responsible for developing the school's Strategic Budget and Plan of Operation using data to guide key decisions focused on student achievement. They also have the ability to weigh in on the hiring of a new principal when required.

SOT Members

The SOT is comprised of voting and non-voting members.

Voting Members:

  • Parents—three to six members selected by voting process of school’s parent organization and representing 50% of the voting members (if no parent organization exists, principal will lead selection process)
  • Licensed Staff—two to four will be selected by staff in a process developed by the association
  • Non-Licensed Staff—one to two selected by staff in a process developed by the association

Non-Voting Members:

  • School Principal
  • Student Representative (secondary schools only)
  • Community Member (optional)

Participation in Meetings

Agendas and minutes for SOT meetings can be accessed on the school website.
Speakers wishing to speak during the public comment period for this meeting may call the Fine ES front office at 702-799-6882 or sign up in person immediately prior to the beginning of the meeting. Speakers will be called in the order in which they signed up. No one may sign up for another person or yield their time to another person. Generally, a person wishing to speak during the comment period will be allowed two (2) minutes to address the School Organizational Team. Speakers may also submit additional comments in writing.
​In addition, the SOT may take items on the agenda out of order; may combine two or more agenda items for consideration; and may remove an item from the agenda or delay discussion relating to items on the agenda at any time.
It is asked that speakers be respectful to each other, team members, the principal and school district staff. Speakers that are disruptive will be asked to leave the meeting.